Customised floating shelves - Anything you want

At Timber and Light, we understand consumers are all unique, and have different preferences and living spaces. We have listened and our mission is to become the leading website supplying customised solid timber floating shelves to any size. We also want to offer any finishing colour possible, whether you want your floating shelf natural, white, black or even green. In addition, tell us you want straight edges, half-bull nose or round. What about the corners? Would you like 90 degree, a slight radius or fully rounded. Anyway, you get the point, we want your floating shelves to look amazing in your home and be the recipient of many compliments from friends and family when they come to visit.

Just jump on the live chat on the website, email us or message us on social and we will strive hard to supply what you need.

Thank you for you time reading this and supporting Timber and Light, New Zealand's favourite floating shelf company. Just two guys striving to make NZ homes and living spaces more beautiful.


Rob and Jason

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