Collection: The Slimline Range (28mm thick, pin mounted)

Don't want our thicker 35mm solid timber floating shelves with a full wall mounting bracket? Why not consider a shelf from our Slimline Range. These shelves are still solid American Ash (of course!) but slightly thinner at 28mm and narrower at 170mm as opposed to the standard 210mm depth of the Standard range. Although 170mm deep is standard, you can choose a depth ranging 120mm-170mm just place a note at checkout to let us know.  Each Slimline shelf comes with two pre-drilled holes in the rear and two stud screws for mounting. If you are attaching to gib only, you will need to buy 'Gib-only Pins' found under Accessories tab. If known, please tell us your stud location and we will drill the mounting holes to suit. Please refer to our 'installation' page for install instructions for the Slimline Range.